RedToll Interactive Security Service
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Monitor and secure senior citizens and childres   Monitor family members to ensure their well being
Verify employee attendance   Verify employee attendance - at fixed or random times
Verify employee attendance   Remind patients to take their medication and avoid emergencies
Verify employee attendance   Secure yourself and others when not at home, check in periodically
How RedToll works:
RedToll calls the Monitored Person at preset times and checks on their status. In case the person does not answer their phone or states that they need assistance, RedToll immediately contacts the Monitoring Person and alerts them with a phone call and an email.

Reassure seniorsCheck in on them periodically and get alerted, if needed
Child alone at homeVerify how they are doing and call you, in case the need arises
Child away from homeCall to make sure they are safe and report, when required
Secure night shift employeesCall employees to check if all well and get alerted, if required
Verify off-site employee attendanceVerify presence and report, in case of no response
Remind patientsRemind to take medication and alert, if assistance is needed
Remind yourself or othersReminders for appointments or alerts
Check-in periodicallyCall yourself when in new or uncomfortable situations
... knowing now that RedToll is keeping an eye out, for you   

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